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Erin Faulkner
Executive Producer, Audio, DIT
Erin Faulkner is a senior Media Studies and Production student at Temple University. Following her graduation in December of 2021, Erin is aspiring to move to Los Angeles, California and work as a producer for reality television and documentary. Erin’s favorite part of working on PONG was the casting process, and getting to see talented local actors. If Erin F got stuck in a PONG time loop, she would probably get kidnapped by Kevin, tied up, and tossed in a body of water.
Allison Boucher
Director, Director of Photography, Audio
Allison Boucher is a senior Media Studies and Production major, concentrating in the Production and Business tracks and scheduled to graduate in May 2022. The PONG production was her first and favorite major project as co-producer, in which the production process was by far the most tiring yet thrilling part of the project, full of memories and camaraderie. After Temple, Allison intends on spending her time in Philly, creating funny content, and spoiling her ferrets. Should she find herself in one of Kevin’s hell loops, she’d probably suffer through an endless asthma attack.
Josh Safran
Camera, Director
Josh is a senior Media Studies and Production major at Temple University set to graduate in May 2022. Beyond that you’ll most likely find Josh either on your radio or selling you a house.  He loved the post-production process of seeing a vision that started in pre-production come out to be a 20+ minute film.  If Josh was stuck in a hell loop he would surely be tied down to the Lincoln Financial Field play by play box and be forced to commentate his own demise.

Meet the Filmmakers

Anna Grace 
Director, Lead Scriptwriter
Anna Grace is a senior Media Studies and Production major at Temple University. She is set to graduate in December 2021. After that she hopes to move to Austin, Texas to get a fresh start and work on her writing portfolio. Her dream is to be a screenwriter for TV. Her favorite moment of PONG was the morning before the last day of shooting. They all sat together in Erin P’s apartment and watched Community with their coffee. It was the first time she felt confident in her director skills and that was the best day of shooting. She thinks Kevin would strangle her with a microphone for how often she started singing on set. (He’s a fan of poetic justice) ROOOOOOXANE! Caught a VIBE…castaways, we are castaways…
Erin E. Phelan
Executive Producer, Director of Photography
erin is a senior Media Studies and Production major at Temple University with a minor in Gender Sexuality and Women’s Studies. erin plans to continue making short films and work towards a career in the television and film industry. The favorite part of Pong was seeing an entire project come out of only an idea! Also crawling under a bed to get the shot during Pete's dorm scene. "As for how Kevin would torture me, I would probably be tortured with having to watch a video render forever, cursed with a loading bar for all eternity….”
Sean Charpentier
Director, Director of Photography
Sean Charpentier is a Senior Media Studies and production major who is set to graduate in May 2022. Sean plans to work as a writer, producer, and filmmaker for both News and television. His favorite part of pong were the filming days where we saw our script come to life through a camera lens. Kevin would probably torture Sean by playing the John Lennon Christmas song on repeat for eternity.

Project Intent Statement: Pong is a narrative short film that attempts to unravel the story of 4 friends whom all seem to be hiding something. Using methods of manipulation, the narrative structure of Pong weaves together reality and nightmarish sequences to tell the story of the titular character, Kevin. 

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